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August 2012

By David Mulgrew, 08/15/2012 - 11:09

Review of Draytek Vigor AP800 + Unidirectional Aerial ANT 2510 

I've used a Draytek router before. It was amazingly good. It takes around 10 seconds to reboot, which if mind blowing. The Netgear WNR2200 I've also tested on the same connection is pathetic by comparison, and I'd consider the Netgear to be a decent router. The Netgear takes well over a minute to reboot. In fairness the Netgear is an entry level router and the Draytek is a top of the line model. The Draytek also had hugely impressive wireless range and speed and after some through testing of the WAN interface it trounced every other router I tested both in latency, throughput and reliability.

Recently I was called upon to bridge quite a large gap. I was told to use whichever method was most cost effective, wired or wireless. Running cables would really have cause a massive jump in cost and disruption as the only feasible route would have been to dig up the yard. Wireless it is then.