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September 2012

By David Mulgrew, 09/21/2012 - 12:35

Antec Nano Diamond Formula 7 CPU Thermal PasteAntec Nano Diamond Formula 6 CPU Thermal PasteAntec's nano diamond thermal compounds are superb. Especially when you can tell the missus you have bought a box of diamond. I've tested the formula 7 most of all and we use that on almost every PC we ship. As a minimum we use Formula 6 which is excellent but does not stand up to such temperature extremes. That sentence does not really do Formula 6 justice since its got a very wide stable temperature band and excellent cooling.

I've tested it in my workhorse PC which has an AMD FX-6100 six core CPU, 8GB RAM, a GTS 250 and two OCZ SSDs on an ASUS M5A99X EVO motherboard. All at stock settings. I was previously using Arctic silver as my thermal compound before discovering diamond based compounds and these were excellent. The diamond suggests that best performance is achieved after a few thermal cycles so you need to get your PC up to temperature for a while and then let it cool a few times. I initially checked the temperature was OK and then checked back after a week to see how it had gone. It was 4°C Cooler.